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Green Tree supports those who believe in sustainability and an environmentally friendly approach to returning their selves to Earth’s cycles of life. These cycles of life support an increase in biodiversity by supplying natural biodegradable materials of one’s physical body to the soil and those living organisms that make up the environment that surrounds that soil. 

Definition of Natural or Green Burial

A Natural or “green” burial ground incorporates a burial that does not require the use of a vault, concrete box, slab or partitioned liner. Decedents are not to have been embalmed. Burial containers are to be limited to those made from materials that are nontoxic/biodegradable nonhazardous natural materials. Markers are limited to; indigenous flat stones or plants. All burial products and services considered to be “not harmful to the environment”. 

As the phrase; “A Natural Alternative” states, Green Tree offers an alternative choice for those who wish to leave an environmentally safe place in which to recycle their body.  

Green Tree offers an alternative burial choice that has been lost to the modern method of burying our loved ones. 

Green Tree seeks to recycle and restore to the earth those necessary components to create new life.