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Description of Property
Property consists of approximately twelve acres of uncultivated mixed grass with a variety of trees including cedar, persimmon, elm, hedge apple, black locust, and pecan. Property is primarily fenced with five strand barbed wire. Located near center of property (400 feet from South Ranchette Rd) is a 500 square foot “cabin” with various outbuildings and two carports. 

Indigenous Trees To Oklahoma:

​Eastern Redbud, Ponderosa Pine, Black Walnut, Bald Cypress, Chinese Pistache, Roughleaf Dogwood, American Elm, Eastern Red Cedar, Lacebark Elm, Hackberry, 
Kentucky Coffeetree, Buroak, Sawtooth Oak, Shumard Oak, Lobiolly Pine, Pinyon Pine, Western Soapberry.
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