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Plot(s) are leased for one thousand years (1000). Renewed leases can be obtained by any direct descendant(s). 

Price is $1000 which includes: plot lease, opening/closing of grave, and sandstone marker. Fee paid prior to burial.

A report of death and/or a notarized copy of the Death Certificate of deceased provided at time of burial.

Grave marking(s) may consist of indigenous plants (tree) and/or flat engraved or non-engraved stone (sandstone).

An aerial map will be provided with a location of the plot(s).  

A biodegradable container, shroud, or basket may be used.

No embalming of the body, metal container, or vault will be allowed.

Only non-indigenous evasive flora/fauna will be removed from the habitat environment.

Green Tree must be notified 24 hours in advance of a burial.

Visitation is restricted to family/friends between dawn and dusk. A courtesy call is suggested prior to visit.

Memorial plants are encouraged to be planted and cared for either by family/friends or arranged to be cared for by caretaker.

Price listed as of October 1, 2016

Rules & Pricing
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